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 In 1973....


a group of my grandmother’s friends wanted to attend a chocolate making course but they needed one more person to fill the class.  After a lot of coaxing my grandmother agreed to join them even though “she was never going to make chocolate.”   But she did make chocolate after that class.  In fact, she continued to make chocolate for another 40 years.

As a little girl I was allowed to help her make chocolate every Christmas and Easter.  My job was to chop a ten pound block of chocolate into small pieces that she would melt and temper by hand.  The process was long and exhausting but everyone loved the chocolates.   My grandfather was very particular about the finished product.  He always wanted the snappers to be perfectly shaped and the peanut butter cups to have the perfect swirl on top.  I can still hear his voice 'fixing' my creations.   40 years and three generations later their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are still be making chocolates for the holidays.  

Over the years we have moved from melting and tempering by hand to using small tempering machines but we have never strayed from producing high quality chocolates.   All of our caramels are made with fresh butter.  All of the cream fillings are made with fresh ingredients.  Everything is made in small batches to control quality and to ensure the freshest chocolates are delivered to you and your family.  Thank you for visiting our page and we hope you find your favorite chocolate somewhere in our kitchen.